Custom stick headphone built by long time NYC Club Lightman Ariel

Most notably known for his work with Louie Vega, Body& Soul NYC & 718 Sessions

Originally starting in the late 1990s, Ariel has been building custom lollipop headphones for some of the best djs around the world. His rugged custom designs and hi fidelity sound has grabbed the attention of the industry’s leading DJs including Louie Vega, Ron Trent, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Danny Tenaglia, David Morales, Hector Romero and more. Our clients enjoy the durability and quality build on each headphone, with most lasting over ten years with proper usage and care, making Ariellollipop a worthy investment.  

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Sony MDRV700 (Currently Out of Stock)

The Sony MDR-V700DJ is armed with ultra-large 50mm neodymium drivers to deliver deep bass and clear trebles for an immersive listening experience.

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Sony x10 Silver/Red

50 mm driver units and high-energy neodymium magnets provide a wide dynamic frequency response (3 Hz - 29 kHz) that perfectly complements today’s popular music genres.

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Sony xb800 All Black

290g overhead headphones with folding design, 50mm neodymium driver and Advanced Vibe Structure

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Technics Rp-1250

Audiophile quality with 50mm drivers and noise isolation Premium playback with high-power 3500mW handling capacity

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Tyrone Francis

Best in the business....Hands Down!

Des Uno New York, NY

Ariel Lollipop, Master Craftsmanship & Professionalism..

Mad Mike

I have several types but I only use yours

Gil Edmund

You're lollipop head phones are the best ones in the market

DJ BigRay New York, NY

Love my lollipop!!!

Hector Romero Def Mix

True craftsmanship from Ariel - I love my custom Sony 7506 - Thank you brother!!! Place your order with him -you won't regret it

Brian Rodrigues

I love it, my favorite out of all 6 of my lollipops, quality and sound no comparison"

Raimundo Gota‎ Spain

can't live without my Lollipop !!!

Katerina Chronis Roots NYC (Cielo Club)

For those that are serious about they MUSIC.... Ariel Lollipop is the ONLY choice!

Jimmie Smith Chicago IL

First of all....WOW! I absolutely love my headphone. Excellent craftsmanship and sound quality. Thank you very much for sharing your talent with me. Sincerely, Jimmie Smith

Tony Lasasso New York, NY

Shout To ARIEL! Thanks Again for building this incredible lollipop headphone!

Samuel Rojas San Jose, CR

THANK U Ariel Lollipop amazing !!!!

Andi Hanley

Still working after 10+ years of wear and tear....quality through and through

Rissa Garcia New York, NY

Absolutely love my of the best sounding headphones and built strong, thank you

Alim Abrahim‎

Still going strong.... Bought at Dancetracks many years ago. Top quality.‎

Manny Q New York

I been using the same Ariel Lollipop since the late 90's and it works like it's brand new.

Marco Perez

I also use a lollipop headphone from the great Ariel. Best headphone I ever had!!

DJ Broadway New York, NY

What a beautiful piece of art work just made my 1st House CD with this baby I LOVE IT AND THE SOUND HEAVENLY!! Thanks DJ BROADWAY

Pro tip: Using your lollipop upside down can cause unnecessary strain on the hanger which could lead to a break.

The wire should be on the bottom.